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„Eke Latvia” Ltd

„Eke Latvia” Ltd operates in Latvia since year 2005 developing and coordinating the real estate business projects of „EKE-Group” in Latvia.

At the moment the project of 10 twin houses in Mārupe is already finished. „Eke Latvia” has made large investment developing territory covering 1,2ha in cooperation with the local official sales representative of Finnish wood frame house manufacturer “Somu Māja Inženieru Birojs”, construction company “100 nami” and other partners.

In year 2007„Eke Latvia” started building town-houses in village “Beberi”. The office and residential housing in Riga suburb in Babīte parish is being realized in cooperation with "Arhitekta Jura Gertmaņa birojs" and construction company “Kolle” Ltd. It’s expected to finish this project in spring 2008.

A significant building project named „Ķīšezera Rags” located near the lake Ķīšezers in Riga has reached the city planning stage. The plan calls to turn 28.1 ha area into developed distinguishing housing estate with broad infrastructure and net of consumer services. The street blocks in this project are created with the aim to preserve the richness of the natural setting and to deliberately and harmonically integrate the buildings of various heights in the surroundings.


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